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Blood Orange Mimosas

Blood Orange Mimosas

After a busy couple of days that included a lot of car time, a nice Sunday brunch with mimosas sounded like a great way to kick off my last week before classes begin. While these are traditionally made with regular orange juice, my supermarket was having a sale on blood oranges. These have a more intense flavor and aroma than a regular naval orange, as well as colorful red flesh. It makes for a naturally sweeter mimosa, with a great flavor and deeper color.

To make these mimosas, plan on using the juice from one orange per glass. To make these for a crowd, plan on using approximately eight blood oranges per one 750mL bottle of sparkling wine. Keep in mind though, that if you are making these cocktails out of blood orange season (Dec-May), you may need to grab one or two extra in case they are smaller or aren’t as juicy.


Squeeze the juice out of the blood oranges. I tend to pour the juice over a fine mesh strainer as well. This just helps ensure there are no little orange seeds floating around in your drink. Add the juice to individual glasses, or for a crowd, pour the juice into a carafe or small pitcher. I tend to use a 1:2 ratio when making mimosas, one part juice to two parts sparkling wine. Feel free to adjust this ratio to whatever suits your taste.

Fill the glass half full with your favorite sparkling wine, I used prosecco, and top with blood orange juice. If you pour the champagne/prosecco in second, be careful to add it in slowly, as the red juice might stain if it bubbles over. Top with an optional blood orange slice as a garnish and enjoy!

Recipe Notes:

One trick to get extra juice out of your oranges is to put them in the microwave for 10-20 seconds. This will make them easier to squeeze and will help you to get more juice from each orange.

Blood oranges can be a little pricey at times, so another way to make these for a crowd and save a few bucks is to substitute a couple of the blood oranges for regular oranges. You won’t get quite that dark red color, but you will still have the great blood orange flavors and save a bit of money.




Blood Orange Mimosas


  • Sparkling Wine - Champagne or Prosecco, whichever you prefer
  • Blood Oranges - Approximately one per mimosa, or 8 per 750mL bottle of sparkling wine


  1. Hand squeeze the blood oranges. Each mimosa will use the juice from approximately one orange. This should be around eight oranges per one 750mL bottle of sparkling wine, but you may need a couple more if they are smaller/out of season.
  2. Run the juice through a fine mesh strainer to remove any seeds.
  3. Fill the glasses half full with sparkling wine and top with the blood orange juice. If adding the sparkling wine second, be sure to pour slow as it could bubble over and the red juice may stain.
  4. Top with optional blood orange slice as garnish, and enjoy!


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